Tanarg Néo 912IS - BioniX² 15

Exhibition Microlight Tanarg Neo 912IS - BioniX² 15
Manufacturer: AIR CREATION
SKU: U034144-B-MX-1-F006040-U028272
75742.00€ excl tax

Exhibition Microlight

Trike : Tanarg Neo Rotax 912IS. White & Green
Wing : BioniX² 15 white with green customization. A23030-23030

Flying time : 30 hours upgradeable  

Year : 2023
Condition : New 
Selling price : 75742 € Exc. VAT.
Catalog price of this ULM : 87930 € Exc. VAT 
MGL MX1 instrumentation, TQ radio, Alphatec ICA13 intercom, noise killer.
Magnum parachute, dual control option, navigation lights option.


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The BioniX15² and Tanarg neo pair up in perfect harmony. Designed for avid travelers, adventurers, mountain enthusiasts, and small terrain lovers, this ULM (Ultra-Light Motorized) aircraft represents the epitome of tranquility. This combination allows for effortless journeys even on the longest trips while being able to land on the shortest runways. This high-end two-seater is particularly favored by mountain pilots and training centers due to its unmatched reliability, which constitutes its main asset.

The microlight harmony.

Tanarg neo, the worthy successor.

From the 2000s, we put the most modern CAD tools at the service of our experience to offer you a new generation of tricycles which broke free from the limits of the pendular, by reinforcing its main advantages.

Result: the Tanarg. An extraordinary tricycle, with a modern and fluid design, completely streamlined in composite materials, built around a robust modular structure in welded stainless steel mesh. Marketed in more than 500 copies since 2004, it is available in its new "Tanarg neo" version at the end of 2019.

Inspired by adventure, raids and sailing on 5 continents, the Tanarg neo offers the best for the greater pleasure of its crew.

The Tanarg neo has optimized everything: Comfort, Performance, Safety, Reliability, Silence, Aesthetics, Aerodynamics. Offered with Rotax 912UL, 912S and 912iS engines, the Tanarg neo has extraordinary potential.

  •  Neuform 3-blade propeller as standard

  • 3 disc brakes

  • Parking brake

  • 65 liter tank with integrated gauge

  • Wraparound windshield

  • Carbon dashboard

  • Multiple choice of instrumentation

  • Ergonomic seats

  • Carbon Fiber SPRADLING upholstery

  • Large capacity luggage compartment.

  • Side panniers

  • Aerodynamic fairings

  • Customization of fairings

The Tanarg neo is the synthesis of Air Creation's expertise.

Equipped with Air Création two-seater wings, the Tanarg neo will take you even further!

The BioniX² in 15m²: Fly with complete peace of mind.

Discover the Corset© system and enter a new era!

With variable configuration wings, push the boundaries of ULM (Ultra-Light Motorized) aircraft. With a simple action on the Corset© control, adapt the speed, maneuverability, aerodynamic efficiency, and stability of your wing according to your needs.

BioniX15², size matters.

The BioniX² now comes in a 15m² version, incorporating all the advancements of its smaller sibling. It offers you a truly unique flight domain. Whether you face severe weather conditions or enjoy a peaceful ride, the BioniX² is present on all fronts. This (15m² / expanded) version of the BioniX² makes it the perfect wing for mountain flying and the shortest runways, as well as for long-distance travelers and their luggage.

The BioniX15² may not be the fastest wing in the world, but it is undoubtedly the most balanced and, above all, the safest.

  • Leading edge Turbulator


  • "Easy Grip" control bar

  • “Liteskin” & “Carbon Sport” fabrics

  • Profiled mast and trapeze upright

  • 90% Double surface

The 15² wing is the most flexible and low-speed performing wing while being the most stable at high speeds.