Used BioniX² wing overhauled and ready to fly.
SKU: U022871-A20006-20004
8000.00€ excl tax

Wing: BioniX² A20006-20004

Color: Green / Blue

Year: 2020

Operating time: 300H

Condition : Very good

Selling price : 8000 € Excl. VAT

New Price : 12800 € Excl. VAT

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The the legendary BioniX evolution.

With the Corset© system, enter the era of variable-configuration wings and push the limits of the pendulum ULM. With a simple action on the Corset© control, adapt the speed, the maneuverability, the aerodynamic performance and the stability of your wing to your needs.

Fly, the BioniX² takes care of the rest.

The X² incorporates the latest Corset system, this wing has a simply unique flight domain. Able to be handled without difficulty in the most severe weather conditions, also during a peaceful ride, the BioniX² is present on all fronts.

The BioniX² may not be the fastest wing in the world, but it is undoubtedly the most balanced and above all the safest.

  • Leading edge turbulator
  • "Easy Grip" control bar
  • “Liteskin” & “Carbon Sport” fabrics
  • Profiled mast and trapeze upright
  • 90% Double surface

The X² is always more responsive at low speeds and more efficient at high speeds.