IFun 13 SP

single-seater wing new. iFun 13
Manufacturer: AIR CREATION
SKU: U012135
7340.00€ excl tax

Wing: IFun 13 red A24034-24035. 

Tricycle: yellow Pixel 303 T21026.

Selling price: €7.340 Excl. VAT 

Year : 2024

Condition : New

Flying time : 0H


Pixel iFun13


Developed specifically for the Pixel, the iFun 13 is a modern wing (Double Surface with External Transversal) designed to offer maximum piloting pleasure while maintaining great simplicity of assembly, use and maintenance.

This wing has a playful character while maintaining stability and defense in turbulent conditions.


  • Leading edge in « Lite Skin® » fabrics
  • Upper surface Trilam UV-Stop fabric
  • 40% Double surface

With a wide speed range and exceptional maneuverability, the iFun 13 will be perfect for leisure flights and bucolic outings.