IFUN 16 Rouge A21044-21037

SKU: U022193- A21044-21037


The new wing iFun 16 is undoubtedly the most powerful of economical wings, best suited to heavy loads, and the most agreeable on the market.
Its extreme versatility allows it to perfectly fit many trikes, and associated engine models (50 to 100 hp).
Its natural aptitude for ultra-short takeoffs and landings and speed range of 50 to 120 km/h(31-75 mph) allow it to travel and land in an instant. Schools, mountain fl ight and cross country are its domains of preference.

The double surface area pressurized to 40% of the iFun 16, associated with low twist and optimized profiles along the wingspan according to their respective angles of attack, allow it to display performance to rival many wings with an internal crossbeam! The sail also deserves its name D.S.E.T. (Double Surface External Transversal) rather than single surface, so much it diff ers from its class thanks to design and performance.

Technical Characteristics & Performance

Wingspan : 9.5 m - 31.2 ft
Surface : 16.3 m² - 175.5 ft²
Double surface : 40%
Aspect ratio : 5.5
Nose angle : 122°
Wing weight : 45 kg - 99 lb
Gross weight : 462 kg - 1018 lb
Minimum speed – with one person : 48 km/h - 29 mph
Minimum speed – with 180 kg (397 lb) payload : 52 km/h - 32 mph
Maximum speed : 120 km/h - 74 mph

Performance figures are given with a Skypper 582 trike, and 180 kg (397 lb) payload.
The iFun 16 wing has been tested with load factors of +6g and -3g at its maximum weight of 462 kg (910 lbs).