BioniX 15

Used BioniX 15 wings, completely overhauled by us and ready to fly!
SKU: U028270-O-A21083-21079 
8220.00€ excl tax

Wing: BioniX 15 A21083-21079 

Color: Green

Year: 2021

Time in use : 110 h

Condition: Perfect .

Selling price : 8220 € Excl. VAT


Easy to handle and stable at all speeds, the BioniX 15 boasts a truly usable speed range. With its 15 m2, it's not competing for the title of fastest wing in the world, but it can nevertheless hold its own against most of today's "small surfaces" in terms of pure performance, while accepting to be flown at high incidence with unrivalled manoeuvrability.

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